Club Day this Sunday 26th

Something new to try out on Club Day?


Three circuit lesson in our micro-lights THA and KIX for $20.00. We expect this to be popular, so call in and book in advance for a good bit of fun!

email or phone Esther  8798466.

Followed by the Club Day Family BBq.

See you there!


Fly South


Another Southern excursion coming up weekend 17-19 October.

Get yourselves together folks and weather permitting it is all on.
We would leave mid morning on Friday 17th – off to maybe Kaikoura or Westport- making a few stops on the way to swap pilots. The following morning will take us to the deep South with a night in Invercargill or maybe Queenstown. Then return home at our leisure on Sunday. It is always a success and this one will be no different. Check out the movies on the Club website – carried out in FQQ ( in Coastguard colours) and FTR way back in 2005. FQQ is usually a starter with JKA a worthy companion so I will tentatively book those two. The more the merrier though so, plenty more ‘planes in the hanger or bring your own.
All very relaxed and with a minimum of organisation. If the weather is nicer on one side we start there and progress to the other side as the weekend progresses. A few beers at night and a comfy motel, and on to the next place tomorrow.
Any enquiry to Mike Fleming

TailDragger 2014

Bikes and birds

As you can see we had some interesting visitors to TailDragger this year with the HB Classic Motorcycle Club dropping by on their monthly ride.

More photos, competition results and tales soon on the TailDragger page but for now:

Bruce Coulter in his 180 Supercub scored the best set in the Cub Class STOL with a 29m takeoff and 55m landing to take the trophy. The shortest single takeoff in the cub class of 22m was achieved in CHB  Rans S6  with Ross MacDonald at the controls while Fraser Eaton made the shortest landing at 50m piloting BQS 90 Supercub.

In the Heavy Class Richard Coop in RWC C180 took top honors taking off in 57meters and landing in 70 meters. His landing roll was also the shortest for the day in the Heavy Class.  The shortest takeoff – 45m made in DXA C180 piloted by Jamie Gunson.

JailBar bombing

The team of Ross MacDonald (pilot) and Wendy Milne (bombardier) came closest to the target at 7 meters but yet again the target remained unscathed.