Club Day This Sunday

Club Day this Sunday 29th March 2015

Taupo Visit

Take advantage of the chance to get some great photos of the lake and the mountains.

Briefing will be at 10.00am by Esther

Club Flying rates apply

Please contact the office to book planes.

There will be the usual Family BBQ afterwards.

Resowing Work


Hi everyone,

The work on the grass area was completed over the weekend. Now we just need a lot of rain dances.
So the grass area between the 01-19 seal and 01-19 grass runways has been rotary hoed, laser levelled and resown. It is soft and will be out of action until spring whilst the grass grows. This area is closed to taxi-ing & operations and is marked such with crosses of white tyres at the north and south ends.

A new Notam has been issued for the aerodrome.
The 01-19 seal and 01-19 grass runways are both open again. Note the grass runway is immediately to the east of the crossed/closed area.
When taxi-ing use either the 01 seal holding point, or backtrack the 11-29 seal or taxi down the eastern grass to the northern end of 19 and then cross to the seal runway. Check with the instructors prior to flight.

The 11-29 cross runway is open but users are to use the seal only – as the resown grass area comes up to either side of the seal runway.

The area between the BP avgas fuel pump and the Clubhouse has also been resown and is currently marked off with red cones whilst we let that grass grow. Please taxi and fuel up on the western side of the pumps.


Nationals Round up


A great time was had in Whitianga at the Flying NZ National Competitions at the end of February.

With trophies and placings to bring home as well. See photos from the weekend and full results under the competition page (Gallery).

Trophies won

Airways Trophy: Flight Manoeuvres:  Felix Ellis-Jones

Ivon Warmington Trophy: Life Raft Dropping:  Graeme Campbell (Pilot) and Mike Fleming (Dispatcher)

Rotorua Trophy: Bombing:  Graeme Campbell


Jean Batten Memorial Trophy: Pre-flight, Precision Circuits & Landings: 2nd Place: Felix Ellis-Jones

Sir Francis Boys: Precision Circuits & Landings: 3rd Place: John Managh

Graham Davidson Trophy: Two Aircraft Formation:  2nd Place: Clem Powell and Mad Slivsgaard

W.A Morrison Trophy: Three Aircraft Formation: 2nd Place: Dean Thompson, Andrew Tarrant and Mad Slivsgaard

Wanganui Trophy: Low Flying CPL: 3rd Place equal: Esther Harrington

Wigram Cup Challenge: Non Instrument Circuits: 2nd Place: Mike Fleming

Wigram Cup  Challenge: Senior Landing: 2nd Place: John Managh