Regionals Team

Congratulations to those who have qualified for this year’s Regional’s team!!

Airways Corporation trophy, Junior Landing (Wigram):

Jessica Smith

GM Spence, Non Instrument Circuits (Wigram)

Mike Fleming

Airwork Cup, Instrument Flying (Wigram), Streamer Cutting:

Mads Slivsgaard

Wanganui Trophy:

Esther Harrington

Oscar Garden Trophy:

Glenn Riddell

Microlight Navigation, Microlight Circuits:

Hayden Faulknor

Ivon Warmington Trophy (Life raft dropping), Rotorua Trophy (Bombing), Sir Francis Boys (Precision circuits)

Graeme Campbell

Cory- Wright Cup:

Brett Pearce

Newman Cup:

Hilary Pearson

Senior Landing (Wigram):

John Managh

Jean Batten Memorial Trophy:

Sean Mitchell

Sunday’s results

Congratulations to all those who competed on Sunday!

Results are:


Jean Batten Memorial Trophy:

1st Sean Mitchell

2nd Jessica Smith

Junior Landing (Wigram):

1st Jessica Smith

2nd Sean Mitchell

Newman Cup:

1st Hilary Pearson

Senior Landing (Wigram):

1st John Managh

Cory- Wright Cup:

1st Brett Pearce

Microlight Circuits:

1st Hayden Faulknor

2nd Caroline Goodwin

3rd Cherie Sowman