Bridge Pa TailDragger 2016

Saturday 10th September is the date of the annual gathering of TailWheel aircraft at the aerodrome.

Enjoy the ambience of our recreational aviation friendly field

A weekend of relaxation and flying fun for aviators. Fly in for dinner Friday night at the club, enjoy a social day on Saturday to chat, try out a short takeoff and landing or two, flour bomb the JailBar and fuel up with a wild fare lunch. Fly away on Sunday morning to tea and scones. Phone the club for more information 06 8798466 or email Cassandra or Helen:, See you soon. 

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Sunday is Club Day

Frogley Cup Round Three

kicks off at 1pm. The final round of 2016.

Then..try out some

JailBar Bombing

ahead of the Club Day Family Bbq.

See you at the ‘drome.



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