February 2016 Flying NZ National Competitions

Competition Results: Nationals Results 2016

Nationals 2016 – Ashburton

A great flying trip down to the South Island. Ashburton provided some interesting weather for the comps and a fine time enjoyed by all. Congratulations to Sean Mitchell and Mike Fleming with 3rd placings in their respective Wigram Cup competitions. Graeme Campbell once again secured the Rotorua Bombing Trophy.Congratulations also to Alyssa Walker- this year’s recipient of the Ross MacPherson Young Eagles Flying Scholarship. Check out the full results with the link above.

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February 2015 Flying NZ National Competitions

Competition Results: Nationals Results 2015

Nationals 2015 – Whitianga
Last week of February the FlyingNZ 2015 National Competitions were held at Whitianga, in the beautiful Coromandel. Hawkes Bay was well represented with 12 competitors and 9 supporters. As you can see from the pic’s the Coromandel managed to string together five days of spectacular weather.
One of the highlights for me was the flight out to Great Barrier Island on the Saturday, where several of us landed at Claris and headed to the “Claris Texas” Cafe for lunch. I can see a club trip heading back there in the near future for some island exploration and fishing.
Congratulations to all our winners, especially to Felix Ellis-Jones, Graeme Campbell and Michael Fleming. Graeme usually takes out either the Life raft dropping or the Bombing competitions in the nationals, but this year he managed to complete the double and win both competitions, a fantastic result.
These competitions are not all about hanging around the airfield sniffing Avgas, they provide a great opportunity to network with other aviators from around the country and get out to explore local beaches, restaurants/bars and the general area.
Also a special thanks to Esther for keeping us all on the straight and narrow and being an air judge for the comps and a big thanks to Ruth’s friend Rosalia for not only driving the van all the way to Whitianga but then putting together an amazing meal for us all.

Glenn Riddell

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